Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Anniversary

October 31st is our home's anniversary.  We moved into our house on Halloween of 2002.  So HAPPY 9th ANNIVERSARY to us! In honor of such a fine day, I dug through some old cds of pictures.  ENJOY!

Kelsey as a little Indian, 2004 - age 2

Kelsey, Matt, and Derek, 2004

Pumpkins 2005

Kelsey and her amazing pumpkin, 2005 - age 3

 Kelsey as a "black kitty" in 2005

 Kelsey the kitty and Kendal the angel, 2005.  Ages 3 and 5 months.  Kendal promptly fell asleep after this photo was taken so there was no trick or treating for her!

 Pumpkins 2006

Kelsey as Rapunzel, age 4 and Kendal as the little Indian (minus the hat, no way was she going to wear the headdress) age 1 - 2006

I love the look on Princess Kelsey's face!
 The two little mummy girls, 2007.  Kelsey age 5 and Kendal age 2.

Kendal had a blast this year and really got into the trick or treating, although she wouldn't say anything at the doors!

 Kendal the black cat and her master Kelsey the witch - 2008.

Kelsey the witch age 6 and Kendal the kitty age 3. 

 Matt and I even dressed up in 2008.  Kendal didn't like Matt's mask at all!

 Kendal as Pocahontas, Emmitt as a dragon, and Kelsey as a gypsy -2009.

 Kendal age 4, Emmitt 7 months, and Kelsey age 7.

 The little dragon and his mom.

Kelsey the "black and white girl", Emmitt the mummy, and Kendal the black cat - 2010.

 Kelsey age 8, Emmitt age 1, and Kendal age 5.

 It was so cold last year for trick or treating we had to cover up our costumes to stay warm!

 Pumpkins 2011

My silly spooks this year, 2011.  Kelsey age 9, Emmitt age 2, and Kendal age 6.

Kelsey is Morticia, Emmit is so excited to be Spiderman, and Kendal is a witch.

Happy Halloween!

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Krista said...

Love seeing how much your kids have changed over the years. Happy Anniversary and Happy Halloween!


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