Tuesday, August 07, 2012

civil war baby quilt for Anne

 I finally sent off a sweet little civil war baby quilt I made for Sarah Jane who authors a blog I love to read, Romantic History.  Sarah recently had a baby girl she named Anne.  Sarah and her family are civil war reenactors as well as a few other fun time periods.  I enjoy reading her blog for civil war clothing help, but also just because she has a wonderful way with words and the pictures she paints in your mind with her words are beautiful.  The quilt label on the back of the quilt I made reads "Made for sweet baby Anne, Summer 1862 (plus 150 years), By Mrs R Crane, Utah Territory."

 Here is my sweet baby Kenna posing on sweet baby Anne's quilt!  It is made of 100% cotton civil war reproduction fabric scraps from other civil war quilts and projects I have made.  I love love love scrappy quilts, and this was a great excuse to make one!  I put in large hand quilting stitches with large cotton thread and used 100% cotton batting.  I tried to be as period correct as possible.  A common way to bind a quilt in the mid 1800s was to pull the back to the front, fold it over, and stitch it down.  I bound it that way, but my binding turned out a bit wider than those of the amazing ladies of the 1800s!

This is the quilt I saw and used as my inspiration for Anne's quilt.  It is from a Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting magazine from July/August 2009.  It  is called Scrap Sampler Set in Bars, measures 75" by 77" and was made in 1875 in Pennsylvania.  


Mom said...

Oh my gosh, lil Kenna is getting soooooo big, wow!
I bet baby Anne and her mother love the quilt you made.
I cannot imagine sewing all those little pieces together.
Good for you.

Donna said...

I enjoyed seeing the fair projects, and the baby quilt, like you I really enjoy scrappy quilts, and the Civil War era fabric and patterns. Your blog is great, you are a busy lady!


Rachel said...

thanks mom, thanks Donna!

Tiff said...

I haven't visited here is so long. I can't add blogs to my blog roll(blogger problem)so I miss so many blogs that I love to read unless I happen upon them again.
Your little girl is such a doll!Congratulations, a wee bit late:)(I love her in her reenactment garb) And the quilt you made Sarah is just gorgeous!
I'll be back later tonight to catch up on your blog.



Emily said...

That is so cute you made a quilt to send! Love it!


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