Saturday, August 04, 2012

County Fair

 It has been the county fair this past week.  What a super time for a hometown crew!  Kelsey has been pretty busy this summer with various 4H camps.  During a 3 day sewing camp, she made this super cute dress.  She picked out the fabric which is a purple and pink peace sign print!  There was a 4H fashion show that she was asked to participate in during the fair fun.  She wasn't too sure about 'modeling', but she had a fun time.

 Emmitt planted every pea seed this year, and Kendal was my best pea patch weeder, so they were able to enter peas into the fair.  Since they are both under 8 years old, they are not old enough to truly be considered 4H members, so they received 'cloverbud' ribbons and one dollar and thought it was AWESOME!  Kelsey planted all the beets and was the beet weeder this year, so she entered beets as well and won a blue ribbon and three dollars.  Actually, Kelsey entered a few things she made, including her cute pink quilt, and ended up with $33 and 6 or 7 blue ribbons. 

Her dress won a purple ribbon and gets to go to the State Fair.  She thought that was awesome!

Here are just a few pictures of some of the quilts I liked.  This star quilt was made my Carolyn Owens and I really like the colors and the pattern - so my style!

This is the quilt I made for my mother in law.  It was apparently too long, because they folded up the bottom 18 inches or so.  This is the quilt that represents the grandkids - 15 flowers for the granddaughters and 4 blue birds for the grandsons.

This pretty quilt was made by my friend Deonn Stott.  The pattern won a really fun AccuQuilt barn quilt contest.  I love the colors, and of course it was machine quilted beautifully by Deonn.

This is another one of mine.  I completed it last year, and I like how it turned out.  It was a fun one, mostly because my neighbor Debbie worked on it with me as well.

 I loved the colors and pattern of this one as well, made by Carol Glissmeyer.  So much work with all that applique!

My friend Kami Williams made this one.  If it looks familiar, it is because the blocks from my quilt above are the same blocks in Kami's quilt.  It was a block of the month project at American Quilting and she made the real project while Debbie and I made up our own project!

Last one!  My friend Tamara Ellis made this one and I just like it.  So darn stinking cute!

 We peeked into the Junior Livestock Auction while they were doing the sheep.  That was pretty fun to watch and the kids loved it as well.  It is funny how many people we knew there!  I always love the fair, and this year it was great as usual!


Mom said...

Yayaya for the kids and their 4H and clover buds things. That is cool that they have the opportunity to do it. It's good for them and makes em proud of their efforts.
Awesome, awesome!

Emily said...

OK, I'm sorry, I'm probably getting annoying, but fun quilts! My aunt is a HUGE quilter. I took pictures of them once: You might enjoy them.


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