Wednesday, August 15, 2012

There's Only One Lagoon!

Our little family went to Lagoon on Saturday.  It has been a LONG time since we have been there.  Matt and I can't remember for sure, but it is somewhere around 4 or 5 years we think.  Matt's work, Roy Animal Care, had a fun Lagoon day.  They bought everyone's tickets, reserved a shady pavilion, and arranged for dinner at Lagoon. The kids were looking forward to this day with monster smiles on their faces!

 Matt surprised me with the desire to go to the Pioneer Village portion of Lagoon first.  We spent at least an hour walking around the old buildings, reading about them, going inside and musing at how frugal the pioneers lived and how completely spoiled rotten we are today - okay, so that was what I was thinking! The girls were just happy to be there, but I know Kelsey was thinking "When do we get to go on some rides?" but held her tongue like the wonderful daughter that she is!
Here are Kelsey and Kendal next to the sign that read "BIGLER CABIN."  Jacob Bigler is their grandfather, with many greats added to that.  Jacob Bigler is one of Matt's mother's grandfathers,  I am not sure how many generations back, but not many.  He settled in Sanpete County and was an early Utah pioneer.  We should have taken a picture of them in front of the cabin, but the sign is cool too.  You can see the side of the cabin in the picture.  I think it is pretty great that the kids could touch the logs that used to keep their many great grandfather's home and family warm.  Amazing!

We had to have some ice cream while in Pioneer Village.  This is the only picture that proves Kenna was there - the stroller.  I was so worried about her being in the heat all day and the business and nasty germ invested rides and people (can you tell I LOVE crowds?) but she did wonderful.  Truly wonderful.

I didn't get the chance to snap many pictures - we were going going going all day, plus, a picture of a roller coaster ride with half of Davis County on it doesn't appeal to me, but I had to get this shot.  I have one similar to it taken of myself.  I was around 7 years old, just like Kendal, and I rode these exact cars with my brother while my mom took our picture.  I remember the track being a WHOLE lot longer, and not nearly as shady (they have gratefully planted so many trees!), but it is the same ride.  I think my car was red too!

Here is a shot of the folks Matt works with everyday and their families at our pavilion eating dinner.  It really was an enjoyable time and I got to see people that Matt sees everyday, but I only get to see at the Christmas Party!  There are 5 doctors, including Matt, that work at the two veterinary clinics, plus so many receptionists, technicians, and others that work there.  They are some really great people.

Kelsey had a good time with us as a family, but she enjoyed a few hours of playing on some of the scarier rides with the big girls, meaning Macie and her older sister.  They had a great time together.  We had a super fantastic time, but I must admit that Lagoon is not my favorite place to spend a Saturday - so many people!  I am becoming a hermit I think, although I can not deny that I LOVED my rides on the all the roller coasters!


Emily said...

I sometimes check my stats on Buns & Baskets/How to Dress Like a Pioneer and saw you! I LOVE that you dress/ed your little boy in a dress & you guys look SO sharp! I also read about your family and the seizures with your daughter. My 6 y.o. girl had seizures when she was 4, but luckily she was just able to get off her meds and has been fine so far, so I feel for you. It's so hard. Anyway, nice to "meet" you! Emily

Jake said...

I love those cars and the old White Roller coaster is my favorite ever. It like stepping back into the 20s for a moment.


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