Tuesday, July 31, 2012

 Sweet Kenna had a wonderful 1 month birthday last week.  She is growing so much everyday!  I put pajamas on her now that used to drown her a few weeks ago and she is filling them out!  She is so aware and loves to look around and see what is going on around her, when she is not sleeping of course!  She sure sleeps alot, but that is good.  She recognizes my voice and turns her head when she hears me and has even given me a few smiles.  Not sure if they are intended to be smiles, but I will take it!

 Kendal and Emmitt played school on the deck the other day while Kenna sat in the bouncer.  Kelsey was reading on the front porch.  Matt mowed the lawn and it was a glorious afternoon and evening at our house. 

Emmitt messed that up when I sent him downstairs to clean up his room.  He came upstairs to tell me that he ate a coin.  I asked him "Did you eat a coin, did you eat some of this money?"  He said "I swallowed it, not eat it" as he would point to his throat and tell me it was right there.  I sort of freaked out.  He kept telling me that he ate his money and would never deny it when I asked him.  Matt used his ultrasound he uses for vet work to ultrasound his tummy, but he found nothing.  I was still worried, so the next day, after a sleepless night, I took him to Matt's work and he x-rayed him.  No money in the tummy!  Thank goodness!  I know coins pass through, but my sister has told me nasty stories about retrieving things from kids bodies at work, and I just had bad images in my mind!  The piggy banks are now in my room, on the highest shelf in my closet!

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