Sunday, July 22, 2012

Time Marches On Quilt

My friend Cat and I designed this quilt, and our friend Shantelle wrote the instructions for it.  It was done for our quilt guild last year.  I loved designing it, and I have enjoyed making it.  I FINALLY get to finish it because all my flying geese that make up the outside border have finally flown home to me!

When I designed it, I wanted to make a quilt that represented different struggles our country has faced, so I picked a few wars and picked blocks to represent them to make this quilt.

The center block is called Puritans Star - for the Puritans that came to this country and started an American legacy.
One block is called Continental - for Washington's Continental Army of patriots during the Revolutionary War.
One block is called Dutchman's Puzzle - for the good people of Germany that moved into this country as immigrants before the Revoultionary War, the Hessian soldiers that stayed after the war, and for the immigrants that settled in the 1800s. 
One block is called Stars and Stripes - for the War of 1812 when the Star Spangled Banner was written.
One block is called French Forest - for the boys that died in the forests and countrysides of France and Belgium during World War I, or the Great War.
One block is called Devil's Claw - for the American Civil War prison camp in modern day Colorado called Devils Claw Canyon.
One block is called Lincoln - for all the American Civil War soldiers and the good man that was president during such a turbulent time.
One block is called Battalion Drum - for the Saints of the Mormon Battalion during the Mexican War in 1846-48.
One block is called Pacific Railroad - for President Polk's 'Manifest Destiny' of joining the east and the west together by railway, Donner Pass, and all the pioneers that headed west.

There are 4 Puritan Star blocks in the four corners. 
I named this quilt TIME MARCHES ON.

These are called flying geese units.  They have been lost since November.  That is why I have not finished this quilt - I could not bring myself to cutting and making 88 more flying geese, plus, I used up most of my scraps to make them, and I REALLY wanted a scrappy border.  I didn't want to have to buy more fabric and have matching geese.  Silly, I know.  Anyway, my neighbor Debbie was looking through her sewing room and found them a few weeks ago!  YIPPEE!  So, I have been busy finishing my flying geese.

They are sewn into long strips that will go on the outside of the quilt.  (See how useful that treadmill is!  Just kidding, I really have been using it with its intended purpose!)

The Fox and Geese Border is for the boys of WWII.  Much of WWII was spent in foxholes and trenches the soldiers dug out of the ground to stay warm and safe.  During the winter of 1944-45 during the Battle of the Bulge, they are well remembered. 

I am making this quilt using all civil war era reproduction fabrics.  Well, I am going to go sew and get this quilt finished!


Donna said...

Beautiful quilt, and I enjoyed the historical aspect of this sampler.

Jake said...

This is beyond Awesome.


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