Monday, July 09, 2012

loving summer evenings

  We love summer evenings at our house.  I wish it could be 8:00 pm all day long!  The sun is gorgeous setting over the western mountains, the kids have more energy than they can handle, the colors of the earth are perfect, dinner is over and cleaned up, Matt is usually home, and I am itching to get out and pull a few weeds and watch the kids play, and of course, it is cooler.

Kelsey has proved to be such a wonderful babysitter, errand runner, chore doer, sweetheart daughter and sister, etc, etc, etc, so she got a new bike the other day.  Her old bike keeps having trouble with the tires, and honestly is a bit small for her.  She and I went and picked out a new bike and now that is all the gal wants to do!  She asked me 2 nights ago if I wanted to go on a midnight bike ride with her! As gloriously wonderful as it sounded, I had to decline.  I had to get some sleep!  But, I feel a late night bike ride with just my super 10 year old happening soon.  How can I pass that up??


Mom said...

I love summer. Wish we could have it for 12 months a year.

Terra said...

We love summer evenings as well. It's funny how just going outside and hanging out with the family after dinner is so much fun! Better than going to the movies or out to dinner!


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