Saturday, July 21, 2012


We have loved the rain that has fallen on our heads, lawn, and garden lately.  It has been such a nice relief to the mid July heat.  It was trying to rain a few evenings ago and I sent the kids outside to enjoy the cool evening.  They thought I was a horrible mother!  Kelsey got her jacket, umbrella, and book to enjoy the evening while the other two were not very happy about it all until I told them they could get an umbrella as well.

Then life was good for the other two.  They ran around all over the yard with their umbrellas in the sprinkling rain.  It made me smile.

 My garden and yard has struggled a bit this summer due to my pregnancy.  It just isn't fun to get heartburn all day after weeding the garden, let alone the sore back and legs, and a big fat tummy to bend over!  Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I have a TON of yard work to catch up on, so I enjoyed the wet soil and weeded the garden for a bit until it REALLY started to rain.  Kendal and Emmitt just ran around the yard with their umbrellas while Kelsey read her book.

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Kay Ehrmantrout said...

I like Kelsey's little umbrella reading nook.


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