Saturday, February 08, 2014

my sweet girl

This pretty gal turns 12 years old next week.
Wow, 12 years ago I become a mother.  I remember being so overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness and 127 other emotions when I held my new baby girl, that I actually tried not to think of how incredible motherhood was, because tears would stream down my face.  I tried not to think about how wonderful this new little life in my arms was, because there was just so much emotion.

The past twelve years have been nothing short of incredible.
Kelsey is such a great girl.  She is the most creative person I know, truly.  Even though she is only 12.  There are great things in this girls' future thanks to her creativity.
She is so smart.  She gets to participate in the Gifted and Talented programs at school where she excels.  The homework load would have burdened me, but its no big deal to her.
She is very aware of other's feelings.
She tries hard to include everyone, doesn't like it when others are sad or upset, and has left me MANY sweet notes and cards of love and encouragement.
She is a wonderful big sister and so responsible.
I can trust her with anything, honestly.

Kelsey helps me in so many ways.
Not sure what I would do without this girl.
Her siblings look up to her so much.  They love it when she comes up with an activity or game to play with them.  She makes them feel so special and loved.
Happy Birthday to my Kelsey Dawn.

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