Wednesday, February 12, 2014

sewing ADD

Last Thursday was quilt guild.  So Thursday morning I dug through my sewing UFO (UnFinished Objects) armoire in search of a 12 to 15 inch block I could use for the Round Robin exchange.  I didn't think I had time to make a block, so I was searching for an old block from something else I could use.  I found these blocks, the pattern, and some fabric scraps in my search.

In about 2007 or 2008 my friend Jen and I did a friendship block exchange and asked Natalia, a new gal to the quilt guild, to join us.  Natalia is now super famous, has a few published quilting books, is a paid presenter, and just totally rocks the quilting world.  Anyway, we all made blocks, exchanged them, and here they are, on my bed.

So I decided to start sewing, just to put a few of the blocks together.  You know, just to see how it would look.  A few hours later, I had it sewn together.  Funny, I think I totally have a sewing/quilting form of ADD.  I was looking for one simple block but ended up sewing a small quilt top together.  Figures.  Well, now I am going to slap a few borders on this sweet thing and complete a project! 

This here is the block I found in the search that I decided to use for the center block of my Round Robin this year.  Ladies from the guild will add borders to it throughout the next few months, then I will share how it turned out.  Now, to the sewing room. 


Kerin said...

I'm impressed with your 'found' quilt!! Awesome job!!

Love when I have a happy accident like that.

Have a happy day.


Brian said...

It is about time!

Brian said...

FUNNY this is Jen not Brian. :) Oh and I think we need the famous one of the three us of to sign it for us! :)


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