Sunday, February 23, 2014

the canal

There is a settling pond and canal up above my parents house.  Last Spring Break I blogged about it here.  I think its so funny that my kids love to go there all the time now.
 When we were there last spring, I showed them the culvert that connects the pond to the canal.  I told them I used to play in it, scooting back and forth between the pond and the canal all spring, until the water came.  They would not enter last year, no way!

Giving them a year to think about it must have made them brave.  And I know they had thought about it because Kendal asked me many questions about it over the past year. 
Last spring I told them about the perfect boot print I found in that culvert when I was little and pretty much decided Leprechauns were real and there were some that lived in the foothills above my house.
Kendal still talks about that little boot print.  It must be like magic to her too.
Before I knew it, Kendal, Emmitt, and my nephew Brogan were through the culvert and ready to find some little people.

We didn't find any, but we went on an adventure walk down the dry canal bed.


Well, mostly dry.  We ran into a few muddy spots. 
But we just kept walking down the canal.  I would tell them things like "this was the best tubing spot" and "my brother and his friends had the best hut right up there" and "we used to have a rope swing right here over the canal."  It was truly a walk down memory lane.

It was sort of a windy day, so being down in the canal kept us out of the wind. 
They could get muddy, throw rocks, get sticks, yell and holler, and have a great time.  You know, just be a kid.

Spending the long President's Day Weekend at my parents' home with cousins was a highlight to this dreary February for my sweet things. 
Spending the long President's Day Weekend at my parents' home with my kids, niece, nephews, and my incredible parents was also a wonderful highlight to my entire winter.
I love that place.
I guess that is why its called HOME.

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