Thursday, July 03, 2014

2014 birthdays

My four kids have birthdays in February, March, May, and June.  I wish I had an April baby in there, but oh well.  So much for my planning!

So, just a snippet from the 2014 birthdays.

Kenna turned two in June.  Right before she opened her gifts, we sang Happy Birthday to her.  She covered her face and cried! 

She loved the ribbon more than opening her gifts, of course!

 Kendal turned 9 in May.  I love this picture of my little crew. 
When I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, she said, some some chocolate with some candles.  My kind of girl!
 I love Kendal's face in this picture.  She is making a wish.
I can tell it was a good one and heartfelt.

 Emmitt turned 5 in March.
We were in Salina for his birthday, so he was fortunate to have a few cousins celebrate with him.

 We worked at the farm on Emmitt's birthday.  I suppose that is fitting for this little dude.  He found this cow skull while we were moving gated pipe and considered it a birthday miracle!
 Kelsey turned 12 in February.
My kids only have friend parties on big birthdays, so this was one for her.  All the girls in her class came over for a fun pajama and pizza party late night.
They had a noisy great time, and I am grateful that those birthdays only come every four years!
She has a really great group of great girls for friends.  She is a lucky gal to have such good friends.

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