Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ever Tried Sucking on a Basketball?

Emmitt has!

Definitions of engorged on the Web:

congested: overfull as with blood

Of or pertaining to something that is overly filled with fluid, especially a blood vessel


Breast engorgement occurs in the mammary glands when too much breast milk is contained within them. It is caused by insufficient breastfeeding and/or blocked milk ducts. When engorged the breasts may swell, throb, and cause mild to extreme

engorgement - An area of the body that is filled and stretched with fluid or distended with blood,

engorgement - condition in which breasts become overly full of milk. Engorged breasts may feel swollen, hard, and painful. Engorgement can lead to blocked milk ducts.


distended or swollen with fluids.

engorgement - The distention, or swelling of the breasts, usually in the early days after initiation of natural or induced lactation, caused by vascular

engorgement - On about day three postpartum, sometimes the breasts become hard and swollen (engorged) as the milk comes


It is a good thing Emmitt takes after his daddy - he likes basketball, he is a great eater, and he is pretty persistent when it comes to something he wants!


Jenny said...

I am jealous, Charlee is Jealous, I am also very very sorry. I have felt engorged a FEW times. It is not fun.
WARM SHOWER, and as gross to some as this might sound massage those Basket balls and wash away the pain.
IF only it was that easy. Soooo Sorry!

mom said...

Dang,,,,I am sorry,,,Makes me cringe just to read,,,,hang in there,,,,, Hopefully soon, it will ease up.

Bednar Family said...

I'm sooo sorry. I remember those days with Maya. Don't you just love the “perks” of motherhood :) I know it will get better soon (even though it may not feel like it).

Spencer's Adventures said...

Oh... I am sorry! Just get through those first two weeks! Then you will still be the size of basketballs, they will just be a little deflated looking :).

Krista said...

Ugh! I'm so sorry! Hopefully it will get easier as time goes on. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

rach....I am so sorry that is the worst! If you get plugged ducts I have the magic formula...I used to get them alllllll the time! your are almost a week in....It will start to get better soon....I hope!


Jenn said...

Oh I've been there and I wouldn't wish it on anyone!!!! I'm so sorry. Unfortunately it didn't really get better for me so I hope you're experience is short lived. I did finally find out about a few things that helped-- I'll have to chat with you and see if they would work for you.: {

momof6 said...

Rachel I am sooo excited for you and Matt and your sweet baby Boy!!I would get so engouraged, I found if I pumped a little it helped a ton and then in time my body started relaxing a little and remembered I as not a COW. Good luck!!


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