Friday, March 13, 2009

Hubcap Heaven

"Don't have a laptop? Well, everyone else does and you can get one too, even if you have bad credit or no credit at all! Just call The Orange (or blue or yellow or whatever) Hippo and we will get you a new laptop, and maybe even a free MP3 player or digital camera! Yes, you can have a new laptop with bad credit. Bad or no credit is not your fault! Let us help you"

That is what I heard on the radio yesterday. Well, something like that anyway. Kendal had an appointment with her neurologist at Primary Children's Hospital yesterday and once I leave my beloved valley I no longer get my MOST beloved KTMP radio station. Once I hit Park City or Provo, I have to listen to other radio stations. I usually just turn it off, but I was trying not to listen to Kendal's Leapster game. I feel for all of you that have to listen to that crap everyday. Honestly, I feel badly for you. I think at least every other advertisement or commercial I heard yesterday had the words "bad credit", "mortgage rate", or "how to get it FREE" in them.

Now, since I don't have normal TV, cable, or satellite, I listen to MY local radio station, and I don't really enjoy or visit or even daily, Matt says I don't truly live in this world. Well, HERE I AM! I do live in this wonderful world! I just choose not to fill my little world with all the BIG world garbage! I know, I am naive in the current events of the day. I really am. I should be better that way, but still, I don't need pushy, LOUD, obnoxious radio or TV salesmen telling me how to live and what I NEED. How do you people deal with it everyday? The sarcasm, the noise, the "your a victim" spills, the harshness, the UNIMPORTANT clutter that it all gives you? Yuck, I felt dirty and defiled just listening to it for a couple of hours!

Well, on to better things. The neurologist - He is really happy with the amazing progress Kendal is making. He was very pleased with her physical abilities and also the way she responded to him. I was really hoping he would say "Let's start tapering Kendal off of that medicine she hates to take every night and morning" but he didn't. We get to have another EEG in July (that will be the 2 years seizure free mark) and if it reads normal THEN we get to TALK about tapering her off the meds. Not such bad news really, but like I said, I was hopeful for NOW!

After our appointment at Primary Children's we headed to the amazing HUBCAP HEAVEN on 33rd South. I have wanted to go there since November 2006, when Matt first lost the central part of one of our hubcaps. It took me 2 1/2 years to replace a hubcap! How pitiful is that?!?!? Then last week Matt took the car to Ogden to have someone work on it (it no longer spontaneously makes the irritating signal noise!) and another FULL hubcap was lost. There must be hundreds of hubcaps on that road between here and Ogden because it has a record with us. So all of last week and this week I (but mostly Matt) has been driving my car without 2 hubcaps! I felt so self conscious about it. It was like I was naked or revealing some PRIVATE part of my car that should not be revealed!

I called a few good ol boys down home that have salvage yards and nobody has Malibu hubcaps. Nobody, not even HUBCAP HEAVEN did! So, the Heaven boys set me up with 4 new hubcaps. They were all into the SHINY chrome and all prettying me up and I told them I needed the most basic, plain hubcaps because I was not that kind of girl. They laughed and put these ones on for me. Matt says they are still too "loud" and he also made another racial comment that I will not put on our blog. But you know what? I have 4 hubcaps! Hooray!! Derek our neighbor told me that the only way he knows it is my white Malibu is the missing center hubcap. So just in case anyone else recognized me that way, I included the picture for you!


Tori said...

I try not to listen to the radio too much-- I usually turn on a CD, or have the radio down if me and Jared are together.
I hardly ever watch TV either, so I miss the news and stupid commercials. We are more movie people.
I get my news from ksl .com and only read the articles I choose.

So there ya have it, that is how I live in this crazy world.

mom said...

Well, we listen to the news every night,, and Marion also watches CNN every dang morning,,,,,Plus we read the daily paper,,,and yes!! its scary out there.
I like the hub caps, they are pretty nifty looking.
And yayayayay for Kendal and her doc,,,,,,, July will be here soon,,,, and maybe she can get off that medicine. HOORAY for Kendal.

Sarah said...

Those are some hot wheels going on there... I am kind-of like you when it comes to the b.s. on the radio... just too much to handle, although I can't bring myself to listen to KTMP...Sorry! I just listen to CD's in the car and avoid commercials. BTW, next time you leave the valley, let me borrow you some of my fav's... maybe the Wiggles? lol. You know I had to ...

Grama36 said...

cool wheels you got there girl.. and I would never listen to CNN I like a good Josh Turner on the radio or CD. Great for Kendall and all her family.. We are rooting for her..

Krista said...

I try to avoid the news as well. Like Tori, I read and chose the articles I want to read. I like living in a bubble! The commercials are annoying, I just listen to my I-Pod.
Love the hubcaps...I don't think they are too flashy at all! And yay for Kendal. Hopefully July will bring good news!

Jenny said...

I am so tired, but yeah for hubcap heaven, yeah for our little town radio that doesn't offer everything free to those who have been "bad credit" to no fault of their own????? Yeah for Matt yeah for Derek and all other men who know what kind of car you drive other than it is white and missing a head light! YEAH YEAH YEAH and good night


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