Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another wonderful Tuesday
Matt was home all day yesterday and it was a great, busy day. The girls rode their scooters to school in the morning while I walked. BIG MISTAKE! It took Kendal 18 minutes to ride DOWNHILL about 6 blocks. She can walk faster than she can scoot! She was so cute though, she kept stopping and saying "my yeg hurts mom" and rubbing her tight little thigh. I told her to change legs and she tried it once or twice and then said "No, yis one feels better"and then she would change back to the other leg.
Matt mowed the lawn while I stained the deck. That worked out great. Matt HATES yardwork and mowing the lawn, but he is a good guy and did it just for me. Emmitt usually sleeps the morning away, but he didn't yesterday which made it a little hard. I also got to clean out a few flowers beds and just play in the dirt. It was a wonderful afternoon. Matt had to go look at a horse and took Kendal to help. It is kind of nice when he can work here in town!!
Kelsey had a soccer game at 6:00. This year she plays with just 7 and 8 year old girls. It is a WHOLE lot different from the past 2 years! They actually PLAY soccer. I was amazed at how good the girls are and how aggressive they are! Holy smokes!

Kendal wouldn't leave the corner cone alone so Matt had to tickle her with it for a good 15 minutes to keep her busy. I have gone to the 2 previous soccer games alone and in the rain/wind/cold. It was wonderful to have Matt at this game to keep Kendal busy.

Kelsey is #4 and I am amazed at how well she plays. They say you play as well as those you play with or against. It is so true. She is a little scrapper and gets in there really well.

Emmitt was an angel during the soccer game. Thank Goodness! After the soccer game Matt had to go check out a sick dog and I got a hair cut! It was a wonderful evening. The girls were in bed before 9:00 which is okay I guess. Their bedtime has been 8:30 all winter and now that it is so light and nice, it is hard to get them to bed at 8:30 anymore. They were in bed at 8:30 the past few nights and Kelsey complained that she had to go to bed when it was still light outside. The joys of spring and summer!

Yesterday was Emmitt's 4 week birthday. He is getting bigger and I am feeling better. The bounce back from #3 baby sure has taken longer than the other 2!


Talbots said...

4 weeks already! Wow time flies by when your having fun. I love the pictures of everyone. I can't believe how much Emmitt has changed! Can't wait to see you guys again.

Tori said...

Kelsey is so big! It makes me sad to see her grow up!
Does Emmitt have a touch of red in his hair? Kinda looks like it in that bottom pic.

Emiko said...

Red runs on both sides! Grandpa Larry grows red whiskers! Emmitt is growing so fast! Come visit again.

Family of ARTISTS said...

yes yard work is totally awesome. Kids do grow fast. Emmitt is going to be a heartbreaker when he gets older.

mom said...

Emmitt is growing, wowowowo, gone is the tiny baby look,,,,He is his own person.
I had to laugh when I read about kids/bedtimes/still daylight.
How I remember when you kids were little and would gripe and complain when you had to go to bed when it was still light.....the circle goes round and round I guess.

Epperson Family said...

Man that little boy is getting big!
Glad to see that Kelsey still loves soccer Bekah didn't want to play this year. Too bad for me I enjoyed being a soccer mom, maybe Ray will like to play sometime.


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