Monday, April 13, 2009

Highlights of our Easter Weekend

The Crane Easter Egg Hunt

Kendal and Kelsey's spoils from the egg hunt, unfortunately that means lots of candy for mom!

We spent Friday and Saturday at the Ranch with the rest of the Crane Clan. It was a super time, even with the not-so-perfect weather.

Matt and his brothers, Mark, Mace, and Mike

There is NOTHING like a Deviled Egg smile on Easter! Kendal turned into a deviled egg fan.

Kelsey and her 7 year old cousins, Paige and Alysen

One of Kendal's highlights was the 4 wheeler rides, that girl loves the 4 wheeler.

Emmitt spent most of Friday and Saturday in the truck with me, in Mark and Emiko's trailer with someone, or

wrapped up snuggly-tight away from the wind, the fire's smoke, and the cold. It is a good thing he is such a good little baby.

Sunday we spent the day with my parents, visited my grandma in Torrey, and of course rolled eggs at Sunglow.

I have so many Sunglow Easter memories of rolling eggs down those crunchy colored clay hills, eating picnicy foods in the wind, climbing up the rocks far enough to make your parents yell at you to come back, eggs fights with cousins and friends, wow- so many memories at Sunglow.

The girls loved rolling their eggs and Kendal got so into it that it only took her a few minutes to launch her dozen. She was so protective of her little carton of eggs since she colored them - until it was time to let them roll, and then she really got into it.

Kelsey was quite the little rock climber, and Kendal even got brave enough to get to the top of a little clay hill. She is the pink dot on the hill. Kelsey got to the top of the cliffs. What a great weekend it was!


Jenny said...

It looks so nice! Well except the cold part at the Ranch! Did you know why it is an Easter tradition to roll eggs down a Hill. I didn't, it is a symbolism of the rolling away of the door from the tomb of the Savior.

Diantha said...

I miss Sunglow! We have to go roll our eggs at a sledding ramp at the park, because there are no big hills here. I wish my girls could experience Sunglow. Looks like you had fun.

mom said...

I always wondered why we "roll" our eggs,,People that are not from here,,,always ask why we roll our egss,,,,,, they have never heard of it,,,,Now I know.

Epperson Family said...

Cool about the egg rolling. My Mom grew up rolling eggs down the Manti Temple hill. I thought it was just a Southern Utah thing! Emmitt seems to be getting big. Glad you had a great weekend.

Family of ARTISTS said...

I do remember those days. Rods family always colored and then ate them on easter. He had never gone and rolled them until he married me. Ha ha for him. Now I boil a few extra for him to eat on easter. People that don't roll eggs are weirdos. We went on Sunday also to Sunglow, except we went in the afternoon with mom and dad.

acrane said...

Hey thanks for the fun weekend it was so fun to see you guys and spend some time and love that cute new baby what a great weekend!

Camille said...

What a fun weekend. We miss rolling our Easter eggs.....and I have to agree with Buttons....I have always wondered why we do that. We have always had friends that think we are so weird for doing it.....but I have so many fun memories of it from growing up. Too bad we don't have any hills here in Florida. Last year the eggs magically disappeared from the fridge. This year...well, so far they are still sitting in the fridge waiting for me to come up with an idea of what to do with them. Any suggestions?? :)


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