Saturday, April 04, 2009

Since Matt and I don't find out what gender our babies are, I buy one girl outfit and one boy outfit for each baby to come home from the hospital in. I bought Emmitt's little outfits at Walmart a few weeks ago - a pink snail onesie with pink pants and a blue cow onesie and blue pants. He came home in the blue one obviously and the pink little outfit was setting in the computer room with his hospital hat waiting to put into the cedar chest when Little Bird, aka Kendal, decided it was hers. Why would a little boy need pink clothes?

Yesterday she put the pink 0-3 months clothes on and was so proud of herself. I had to take a picture. See the crotch snaps at her belly button and you would not believe how tight the bottom of those little pants are on her legs! She wore it around for about an hour and then I imagine the painted on feeling was a little much for her and she took them off.

She repeated the process again today. I need to get them put away and out of her sight! She thinks I am crazy when I tell her those are Emmitt's clothes!

Yesterday we made a trip to the library. I try to do this when Kendal is in preschool, but with the crumby weather (SNOW), Conference weekend, and Spring Break next week, I had to go and get a little prepared and Kendal came along. She was pretty good. She kept saying "need to pay for this" with every book and dvd she picked out. It was pretty cute. So 6 dvds later, a few books on CD for Matt, about 20 books, and a trip up the EXTREMELY noisy staircase chasing a giggling 3 year old who is also screaming "don't tetch me momma, don't tetch me" in the nice QUIET library, we checked out. The fun kid librarian and I have had a few good-book conversations and another one commenced. She told me about a book called The Hunger Games that she has just read. She thought it was pretty good.

I think to myself "I have not read a book in awhile and since I am now nursing a little sweetie, I can read for a few minutes while I feed him and make use of my sitting time." So I go get the book. Well, when we got home from the library and it was time to feed Emmitt, I got my book out. I read and read and read and read. It is a good book. I finished it this afternoon and I really liked it too. If anyone is looking for a nice, easy read, with a pretty good story, get The Hunger Games. I just looked it up on and there is second book coming out in September. Dang it, I hate it when they do that to me! Get me interested and then I have to wait!
By the way, the fountain of Emmitt had its opening premiere yesterday. And all this time he has been around (a whopping 10 days) I thought I would avoid all those pee-all-over-the-place boy stories. WRONG!


Sarah said...

I hate the stairs at the Library, too! Did they seriously think that those noisy things were "library appropriate"?
Hannah still has a pair of 24 month pants that have turned out to be adorable shorts! (She obviously does not have my rear-end)
Anyway, glad you are doing so well! You looked great yesterday! Love ya girl!

Jenn said...

I can't quit laughing at Kendal in that outfit. At first I thought boy how can she fit in that. Then I read the part about the snaps and I can't quit laughing. She's such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

I am laughing so hard at the pink outfit. I can't believe she got it on! It had to have had some spandex to it, lol. And then at the end where you experienced the Emmitt had me rolling! Welcome to the world of boys! ENJOY!

Tori said...

Honey, the fountains never stop! Brogan is almost 1 and peed all over my bed last night!
I love Kendal in that outfit, but it medium gives me claustrophobia thinking how tight it is!

Bednar Family said...

Tell Kendal I love her new outifit; she should wear it to the next ward party so we can all see it in person-lol. You never cease to amaze me with all that you do. You are so incredible. Hope you guys have a great week!

Krista said...

Okay...I noticed the snaps on the onesie, but not that she was wearing the pants as well. I'm impressed she got them on! They do look pretty tight! What a funny little girl.


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