Tuesday, April 07, 2009

We love Tuesdays

Matt had the day off today so around 3:00 we headed to SLC. We went to Temple Square. While we were watching General Conference with our rabbit ears, Kelsey and I noticed how pretty the flowers were at Temple Square so we decided to head down and see them ourselves.

Kendal wanted to push the stroller most of the time. Poor little Emmitt, it is a good thing he was belted in! It was a wonderful day for a stroll though and we all had a super time.

I showed Kelsey and Kendal what flowers were making it smell so sweet and then they loved smelling the hyacinths. Kendal also had a little problem with picking the flowers too. Guilt is spread all over your face when your two children are carrying around wilted daffodils and pansies!

They LOVED the water. Any and all the water features were admired, touched, loved, and watched for a very long time.

This was Emmitt's first little outing and at 2 weeks old today, he did great. I guess we will see if the wind bothered him tonight. Wish me luck and much sleep! This morning Emmitt had his first professional photo shoot. My cousin Sarah who has her own photography business came and did some super fun photos today. I will be sharing them in a week or so; look for her link on the side of my page.


Tori said...

It WAS such a nice day!!

I love that picture of the girls in front of the fountain going off.

mom said...

Glad it was nice somewhere,,,was windy as hell here.
I agree with Tori, that IS a cool pic of the girls,,,,and the flowers looked awesome,,,,,,,, oh, hurry up summer!!!

Jenny said...

Beautiful beautiful family oh and DAY!

Epperson Family said...

You are a great Mom to plan such a fun & spiritual experience for your family! We went to the Zoo!

Anonymous said...

the two words "spiritual" and "Kendal" can not be used in the same sentence as they don't occur together. She ran around like a mad animal pulling up flowers and screaming for the water. She did sing "I love to see the temple" for me though!


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