Saturday, July 11, 2009

Good Times in Nephi

Yesterday we went to Nephi, the kids and I anyway. Sweet Matt went to work so we could play. I love him for that. Anyway, it is somewhat of a tradition to go to Aunt Laura's house in Nephi over the Ute Stampede weekend. We have done this for a few years now and always seem to have a super time. We don't even go to the actual Ute Stampede Rodeo, we just play at the house.

Matt's cousin Alynn has this fun fun pool that the kids played in most of the day. We did get them out to go to the parade, but as soon as we got home they got back in the water.

We also got them out long enough to feed them some dinner, but they were soon back in again. These pictures are of Mindy's (Matt's sister) and my girls. They got along very well and it is always so fun to play with cousins!

It was a super day and my girls slept so well last night. Matt woke them up a little after 5 this morning though to head to Salina and go to the ranch. They rode horses, irrigated, doctored cows, and played their little hearts out again. They will sleep well again tonight! Thanks to Mindy, Ellen, and Aunt Laura for a super day in Nephi.

Kelsey said to me tonight as she was getting ready for bed,"I heard lots of swear words from the adults today. Well, mostly from Grandpa, Dad, and Uncle Mark. I didn't hear ANY bad words from Grandma Ellen or Aunt Laura." Matt denies these accusations. He said it was a "great day" but you know how farmers/cowboys talk sometimes!


Anonymous said...

Uncle Mark doesn't cuss! Ok usually not out loud.

Epperson Family said...

looks like a great day! Sometimes those are the only words cows understand!

Anonymous said...

are you sticking up for him Heather?!?!

Talbots said...

Good Times! The cussing thing is hilarious. I can't help but laugh because you know that they are totally busted and they don't even realize it. Nephi eas a blast and the rodeo Saturday night was pure entertainment. Next year it is on the 14-15-16 so mark your calendar!!!

Tori said...

At least Gramma Ellen gets to remain innocent!!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Mark says they never said one cuss word! He wants to know what words were said!


Rachel said...

that's what Matt said!
I asked Kelsey and she said "They weren't mean swear words, Dad was just talking to Grandpa and Mark about funny things and said funny swear words."

Maybe she is a big fat liar!


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