Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rachel is still alive, barely

It has been a long time since I posted, summer is WILD around here!
It is too overwhelming to play catch-up, plus, you probably don't want to hear all about it. But I will give you a few happenings of the last 2 weeks.

Kendal had another EEG at Primary Children's Hospital. It needed to be a sleeping EEG, so she had to be sleep deprived so she would fall asleep while she was hooked up to all the electrodes. That means that Matt kept her up until 11:45 pm and I got her up at 5:45 am. She was sleep deprived and so was I! Anyway, after a knock-down-drag-out with her dad in the sleeping room, she finally crashed. But not before she was yelling at the top of her lungs "Daddy, yet me go!" He was holding the poor girl down so she wouldn't rip the wires off of her head! Luckily, the rooms are sound proof so only Matt and the nurses watching the live cam got to hear it.

The whole reason for the EEG was to check her brain waves to see if they have normalized enough to reduce her anti-seizure medication. Bad news - the neurologist called and he said "we need to continue treatment as her EEG has not normalized enough and there is still quite a tendency for seizures." DANG IT!! Oh well, she is doing better, much much better. But still, DANG IT ALL!!

My Kelsey has been so busy working on a quilt for the fair (this week) and making blankets to send to an orphanage in China. She loves sewing and is getting so much better. I can give her directions and actually leave the room and do other things now! Hooray!!

We went camping with the Crane Clan for the 24th of July. For those of you non-Utahans, this is a state holiday and a great time to party with the family. Our friend Joe who lives in Oregon once said "You Mormons have to make up your own holidays to get out of work" one time when he called Matt on the 24th of July and he was home!

The Crane kids found a creek (pronounced crick) to play in and passed the afternoons splashing away.

Emmit had his first rice cereal the other day. He loved it. He wanted more and more and more. He just turned 4 months old and all you by-the-book-mothers, don't get angry with me for feeding it to him early. The boy loved it and he was starving!

We have also had a few marshmallow and hot dog roasts. We love summer and it is crazy that July is on its way out. You can see how the summer is getting away from me, look at all that morning glory that needs to be sprayed! I have been too busy making apricot jam and canning peaches. My beets are ready in the garden and the peas need to be picked. Is it all ever done? No, but thats the best part of summer!


Jenny said...

Did you get your lawn mowed? Sorry to hear about the medication, and about her Brain waves and about the knock down drag out daddy session! Love you guys... FUN SUMMER is almost to an end!

Tori said...

Oh, how I wish Kendal could get off those meds!

Looks like you guys are having a great summer-too by time goes by so dang fast!

We miss you!

ourhaskellfamily said...

I am sorry you had to go through all the testing stress and sleeplessness. I am sure the nurses are used to yelling struggles. You are so ambitious with all your gardening stuff. Thats awesome.

Epperson Family said...

Looks like you had a fun 24th! Thanks for the apricots, the kids are loving the jam!

Jenn said...

I saw the pics of Kendal and thought the worst-- SO glad it was a EEG-- bummed though for the results-- hopefully soon!
I LOVE the pics. of Kelsey. I brought back fond memories of when I was young and my mom would let me sew on her machine.


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