Thursday, July 02, 2009


Have you ever played one of these puzzles? There are 9 tiles and you have to match them up just perfectly to solve it. It is fun to play, but hard to solve. We bought this one at Fossil Butte National Monument in Wyoming last weekend. Kendal got a dinosaur book. Kelsey worked SO hard on this thing.

Kelsey played with this puzzle in the truck the entire way to Jackson Hole from the monument, 3 hours. She played with it in the truck on our way to Jenny Lake and every chance she could get. She played with it almost the ENTIRE way home - a 6 hour trip. I did make her put it away while she ate her chicken drumstick for lunch! She kept getting all but one piece right. When we got home from Jackson Hole, she was so happy to spread it out on the table and really get to work. She worked on it for at least another hour and finally got it!

Matt was so proud of her persistence and so was I. Actually, so was she. She is amazing. I helped her work on for a little while and all I have to say is that she has patience coming out of her ears!


Krista said...

I had one of those puzzles with turtles. It took me forever to figure it out. I think Kelsey has a lot more patience than I did. Good for her!

Epperson Family said...

I am never good at those puzzles! Great job Kelsey!

The Lierd's said...

we tried one of those puzzles and got so frustrated, I gave up! Patrick kept goingand i don't know if Patrick ever finished it?? Way to go Kelsey!!


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