Sunday, August 02, 2009

2 days ago I changed a light bulb in my house that has changed the world it seems.

We have been in our house for 7 years in October. There is a light at the bottom of the stairs to our unfinished basement. When we moved in, it didn't work. As in the light switch at the top of the stairs didn't turn it on and neither did the switch at the bottom of the stairs. You see, it didn't work. How very inconvienent and annoying.

Well, 2 days ago for some strange reason, the girls and I put in a new light bulb. (no 'how many Cranes does it take to change a light bulb' joke here) You know what? It works! How ridiculous is that? Almost 7 years of thinking it was one way just because it was, and 30 seconds later, it is the opposite! Why do we just take someone else's word for it? Why do we just settle for things the way they are even if we don't like it? Why don't we change things that bother us?

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