Sunday, August 16, 2009

two extra boys

Last Monday my sister in laws Emiko and Mindy came up to Heber City for some school clothes shopping. They spent Sunday night here and it was pretty dang fun. We had 11 kiddos in my house and it amazed me how nicely everyone fell asleep and stayed asleep! After we were shopped out in Park City (Emiko said that kids are NOT invited next year - amen) Emiko and Mindy headed south to Provo and then on home. Emiko's 2 sons Judd and Larry stayed here in Heber City with us until Friday.
We had a super time with the boys and did lots of fun summer activities. They jumped on the tramp with the sprinkler, rode bikes and scooters, played restaurant, made jello, went to the skate park (twice), played on the beach at Deer Creek Reservoir, went to the library, got a load of firewood, played at my friend Jen's house, went to the park, etc etc. My kids were so happy to have someone else here to play with. The boys were super great too. They went to bed nicely, did EVERYTHING I told them to do, ate well, brushed their teeth well, and even had a couple of baths.
It was a little crazy having 5 kids and there were a few things I realized having 5 kids:
1. The dishwasher sure fills up a lot quicker with 2 more mouths eating
2. So does the washing machine!
3. A loaf of bread disappears much more quickly with 5 kids
4. So does a gallon of milk
5. It can seem like you don't even have kids when they play nicely together and have fun outside together.
6. My Chevy Malibu does not fit 5 children plus me
7. The Dodge truck does fit 5 kids plus me and it is a pain to drive around town in!
8. I have great kids and great nephews
9. Those 2 brothers, ages 10 and 6, sure took good care of each other - it made me smile several times
Kelsey and Kendal at the skate park
Judd, entering one of the big bowls

Kendal, she was much braver than I expected

Larry gave me the giggles. His cowboy hat, his boots, his knee and elbow pads, and Kendal's pink bike with training wheels just made me laugh and laugh. His cowboy hat was so out of place with the grunge kids hanging out there with their skate boards, and he so does NOT need training wheels, but he and Kendal took turns with the bike and Barbie scooter. Larry would rather have a great time on a girl bike with training wheels than sit and do nothing while waiting for his turn with the scooter. What a great kid. He is quite the little dare devil too! I told him that I didn't want to go to the emergency room and he just laughed at me and said "OK." He got the respect of quite a few grungy teenagers with his moves!

My sweet Emmitt was an angel most of the time.

Kelsey loved it and has made me promise to take her back to the skate park.

Thanks Mark and Emiko for letting me have your boys for a few days and for letting us have so much fun.


Talbots said...

I am sooo glad that you are motivated and creative. Thanks for letting us hang out Sunday, we had a blast. I am not so sold on the no kid thing though, they weren't that bad, did I miss something;)?

Emiko said...

I am glad my boys were well behaved. They usually are as long as mom isn't around! As to the no kids.... Just NOT my boys!(unless their dad comes too). I had fun overall, looking forward to next year.

Epperson Family said...

It's always more fun when the cousins come to visit!


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