Thursday, August 20, 2009

Growing Up

My kids have grown up so much this summer. Emmitt is close to 5 months old and he can sit up for quite some time and he is trying to crawl! He gets on all fours and rocks back and forth and when that doesn't get him anywhere, he does a sad little beached dolphin kick and then moves around. He is super sweet and we all love him so much.

Kendal has been in real panties for about 3 weeks now. She is doing so great. We have sure had some nasty accidents, but overall it is so WONDERFUL! Monday night we were outside all evening with friends and I realized she hadn't gone to the bathroom for awhile. I said "Kendal, do you need to go in and use the bathroom?' She said "No, I otay mom, I dust peed in the bushes." She cracks me up.
I bought some super cheap little wooden birdhouse at JoAnns a few weeks ago and I was brave enough to get them out for the girls to paint the other day. I could not believe how great Kendal did. She surprised me so much with her steady hand but most of all her attention span to complete the task. Plus, she didn't even get paint in places that it shouldn't have been! We hung them up last night in our yard after a Family Home Evening story about birds. They thought it was great. (yes, we had FHE on Wednesday night - we do what we can!)

My Kelsey has always been very particular and such a perfectionist. She is also quite artsy, crafty, and creative. She would love to paint everyday if she could. She has been so good this summer too. I can not begin to explain how great she is with Emmitt. She is such a good helper. I gave her an assignment this summer and that was to read at least one chapter in a chapter book every day and write in a summer journal at least once a week. She loves to read and sometimes I just have to turn off the light or else she would read until midnight. She has been reading Magic Tree House, Junie B Jones, Ivy and Bean, and The Secrets of Droon (until she had a nightmare and then I took away the sci-fi books for awhile) books and it makes me happy to see her enjoy books so much.

Our district is late in starting school this fall. We are not starting until Sept 1st and then Kendal's preschool doesn't start until the 14 or something like that. I am so glad we get to have a little more time together this summer. I am not sure I am ready for them to go back to school yet. Oh wait, maybe I am. I can think of a few things I would like to get done. But still, it is sad to see them leave me for the day again.


mom said...

It seems like every time I turn around, Emmitt is another month older. He is getting so big, so fast.
And Yayayaya for Kendal,the bathroom thing makes me way happy, even if it is in the bushes.
Kelsey and her reading, makes for a great habit.

Spencer's Adventures said...

Check out Emmitt's hair! I'm kind of sad for summer to go too. It has been fun though. It sure is nice to have those older helpers. Tyler is great with James also and I would have never expected it.

Talbots said...

I don't know Rach...Just when I think that I could have another baby some reminds me of how quickly they grow up and that they aren't really a baby for very long. To see Emmitt getting so big makes me sad. I love Kelsey reading until midnight. I remember those days. I can't wait to be done with school and cuddle up on the couch to a good novel. Lisa bought the book you recommended and I will probably make that the first post-college novel I read. Can't wait!

Camille said...

Junie B & Magic Tree House has been our summer too!! I can't believe our girls are getting so old!


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