Thursday, August 06, 2009

the first wood trip of the season

On Tuesday the Rowsers and the Cranes headed up on the mountain for wood. Matt and Brian cut it, Jen and I hauled it, Charlee and Emmitt watched, and the older kids ran wild and caught frogs. It was a super time.

Sweet Emmitt, he was not too happy about being left in the stroller. Not only was it Emmitt's first wood hauling trip, he also experienced his first sunburn. I felt so horrible when I realized how red he was the next day! My poor little fair skinned man is just fine now though.

I found the kids down by a creek (once again, pronounced CRICK) trying to find another frog. I told them to get together and say 'macaroni and cheese' for the camera. Jack said "macaroni and squeeze" and he gave his brother a big squeeze.

I told Jen to hug a tree, she did. She cracks me up.

Kelsey is my little tree climber. She always climbs trees and she ALWAYS gets in trouble at one of the Grandma's house for doing it. Jen and I found this tree with the perfect broken branches to climb up. Kelsey probably could have gone at least 30 feet up, but not me. Jen is a great photographer, if only she could photoshop my hind end!

Thanks Rowsers for a fun day in the hills.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you can get an early start. The hunts are coming and you know that the wood gathering trips will come to a very quick halt! At least until November!


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