Monday, August 24, 2009

Carrots are done until next week! hooray hooray hooray!
(I did do more than 3 quarts. Much more.)

Note to self:

Next year when you plant carrots in your garden, please thin them like the seed package tells you to. The odd and very suggestive shapes have your seven year old daughter giggling like crazy and thinking about body parts.


Talbots said...

Oh my... I am sure that there is a very, very interesting story with this one. My mind is running wild. Good job on the carrots. Hopefully soon they will have a comfortable space in a finished storage room!

Mari said...

Hey Rachel congratulations on your canning abilities. I just make Joe take our extras to work. I am not sure if you are doing your fabulous art thing at school this year but if you are or if you are creative at home (which I am not) I found this blog when I was teaching and it is so great for art.
It is www.

Lindsay said...

Good job on the carrots. I'm reading the "Square Foot Garden" book right now. It tells how to avoid all that thinning and over-planting. I might just try it next year.

thelarsenfamilyexpeditions said...

you are for sure Super Woman, can't believe half the stuff you do. Pretty darn amazing.


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