Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I am happy to report that Kendal and the toilet have become one with each other. On August 2nd Kendal got to wear panties. She has done pretty well since then. A few wet accidents, one occurring last night at the skate park. You should have seen the look on the 11 year old boy's face when he saw the puddle on the concrete and realized what it was! There have also been a couple of other nice clean ups Kendal left me outside in my garden and also at my mom's house. No big deal I suppose because she didn't mess her panties. Yesterday however there was a nasty problem and Kendal's Cinderella panties and pink skort, along with almost an entire package of wipes, just got left in the HUGE garbage bin at Midway Park. Overall though, I am so proud of my little girl and her relationship with the toilet. It has been a LONG TIME coming. I have waited 2 years for this week!!

I caught this picture and it just happened to be right after said accident. By the way, the kids had a super time and we are headed back to the skate park again tonight.


Krista said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you! Way to go Kendal!

mom said...

yayayayayaya!!! for Kendal

The skate park looks way fun.


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