Tuesday, September 01, 2009

2nd grade

It is 10:30 and Matt and Kendal just got home from Salina. Matt got a load of firewood while he was down there (gotta love that hot burning pinyon!) and he just finished unloading it. Before Kelsey went to bed at 9:00 she said to me "How much longer until Dad gets home?" I told her about an hour. She said "Dang, I wanted to chat with him about my first day of school." I told her that I would have him wake her up when he got here if she wanted. This is what she said "No no, I don't want him to spoil a good dream. I don't like waking up when I am having good dreams." SPOIL, what 7 year old in the world says SPOIL in 2009? That is something little British kids used to say 120 years ago! She surprises me everyday. SPOIL, I don't think I have ever used that word. Maybe second grade is really getting to her.

1 comment:

Talbots said...

I love that she has good dreams! She should have used the cell phone he carries to talk to him. Then he wouldn't have "spoiled" anything.


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