Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sweet Kendal is getting so big!

My sweet little Kendal is growing up! Just last week when Kelsey went to school I dared to let her play computer games by herself for the first time. She spent all summer watching Kelsey play, but when we let her play she would just click the mouse randomly all over the screen 23 times per second. Well, nickjr.com seemed to mesh with her because she did great. She played DORA games and actually listened and did what the computer told her to do. She has also played on ldsfriend.com. She likes that one too. She is getting so big!

This is what she does when I tell her to smile! Last night I deleted 54 pictures on my digital camera that were all of DORA and the computer desk. I guess I can't leave her alone for too long!

Yesterday was Kendal's first day of school. She has been pretty excited and when I got out the school clothes we bought last month, she got super excited. It went well and she is liking it. She is such a silly girl. I asked her what she learned yesterday and she said "I dest play." I asked her again today and she said "I dot to paint! I like to paint."

For some strange reason Matt thought it would be great to sign Kendal up for fall soccer. She had her first game today. She did pretty well considering she is only 4 years old!

Don't let these AMAZING action shots fool you - she just walked around half of the time! She did do super great though and we are proud of our little soccer girl. When we got the soccer clothes out of the closet yesterday, she tried them on and said "Oh my dosh, I det to be number 4!" She cracks me up.


Jenny said...

Way to go Kendal, it was nice to see you guys there!

mom said...

Yayayya for Kendal, I know how much school helped her last year,,, I am excited to see what happens this year.
Goooooooooo #4!!

Tori said...

I love the spunck of that little girl! She is doing so good.

Tacey said...

So cute!! I am so excited to get Camden into soccer. It will fun to see him kick the ball (although most of the time it will be with the outside of his foot:) good luck with it all

Camille said...

What a cutie!! I love all the comments she makes :) They make me smile.


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