Tuesday, September 22, 2009

That's all of 'em!

Yep, here are the Crane kids. There are 15 Larry and Ellen Crane grandkids walking around this pretty little planet, one in Heaven, and one in her momma's belly. We haven't had a picture with all of them in it for a few years. ALL the Cranes (Matt and his siblings) met a couple of Sundays ago at Maple Grove near Scipio and had ourselves a nice little BBQ. It was a wonderful time. It rained like in Noah's day, but still it was nice to be together.

Before the rain

During the rain

(love these bum shots! Guess who - no, not me, I wish my rear were that cute!)

After the rain

Me, Emmitt, and Larry - my super duper father-in-law

1 comment:

Epperson Family said...

Are sure that not your bum! Love the one of Kelsey under the table.


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