Thursday, January 28, 2010

the days are getting longer

Right after Christmas I received my first seed/plant catalog for the year. It was fabulous! I felt a little naughty looking at it while is was still the Christmas Season, so I put it away in my laundry room for awhile. I cleaned my 'pile' out a few weeks ago and reacquainted myself with the catalog. That must have been the sign, because I then received a bunch more in the mail.

Now I am so excited for spring and summer! I can hardly stand it. I was trying to go to sleep the other night after our first of the year Utah Civil War Association meeting, and my mind was so full of battles, live shoots, quilting displays, 1860s fashion shows, ladies teas, and wool trousers that I could not go to sleep. I pulled out a gardening magazine my mother in law gave me, and just sat in bed reading about rhubarb.

I was hoping that the gardening would take away the Civil War excitement a little, but alas! Now I have TWO things to preoccupy my thoughts instead of one!
It was a gorgeous afternoon today and a little of the snow was melting so I went out on the back deck (south facing) and just soaked up the sun and tried to decide what my yard projects will be this year. It was a little difficult imagining it all under more than a foot of snow, but I did and now my thoughts are turned to longer days, green grass, and watching the kids run wild while the sun shines on our pretty little heads.


mom said...

Ohhhhhhh, your pictures made me home-sick for summer. I can't wait for the sun to shine on my pretty lil head.

Kate said... could buy some worms, compost all your food waste and cardboard and feed it to said worms and make delicious all natural "miracle grow" for the plants in the catalog! (thats how they rolled in the 1800s too)
Then, not only are you gonna have the best garden in town, but you'll have the best tasting 'maters and carrots too! (Sry, Im in a food ecology class... and I also have garden fever)

Tori said...

I am so ready for summer and yardwork and getting dirt under my nails!

Anonymous said...

Kate, I have always wanted a compsost pile. It reminds me of Grandma! Maybe that will be a project this summer!


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