Tuesday, January 05, 2010

i love these girls

My niece April came to stay a few nights with us between Christmas and New Years. My kids LOVED having her here and she was such a great sport to play whatever they wanted to play. She is a super sweet girl and I wish we lived closer to each other! I made her watch Pride and Prejudice with me the last night she was here. She had never seen it and needless to say, we were up a little late! Since then Kelsey keeps talking about Mr. Darcy! I love it!

Debbie, my awesome neighbor, came over one day and helped the girls make skirts. It is the cutest pattern and pretty simple. Kelsey of course loves to sew and loved the idea of making her own skirt. April was a great little seamstress also and they finished in just a few hours. Thanks Debbie, for such a great experience with the girls!

I meant to have Kelsey finished up a quilt she started this fall during the Christmas break from school and it didn't happen. She started back to school yesterday and that darn quilt still isn't put together yet! It is still in strips. I am so happy she enjoys this kind of activity. I showed her and Kendal the dress pattern I am going to use to make them both a few Civil War era dresses for reenacting this summer. Kendal said "Oh mom, I dust love it. I love the hat. Tan I have a hat too? And a basket?" One of the patterns I am making for me shows a lady with a bonnet on and holding a basket. She cracks me up!

Here are the finished skirts. They turned out super darling. They look a little silly with the crazy patterned shirts. Kelsey wore her skirt to church 2 days ago with a white long sleeve shirt and it was pretty cute. Thanks again Debbie, and thanks for staying with us April!


Tori said...

Those are very cute!! Good Job girls! I am impressed with Kelseys ability to sit down and sew.

Bob and Cherlelynn Bednar said...

Wow that is awesome! I don't even know how to sew but thanks to one of the wonderful sisters in our new branch I'm going to learn how. We miss you guys and Heber but love it here--plan a way to stop by and stay with us if you ever get a chance--I'm sure Matt will love the hunting Bob can't wait for his first year of hunting here. P.S. Tell the Proctors I said hi and we miss them too.


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