Friday, January 15, 2010

my wool sweater bag

I went to my favorite thrift store again, St Lawrence Thrift, the other day searching for amazing finds and I found this: a size large men's 100% wool sweater.

I washed it in hot water and dried it on the heat setting TWICE and this is what came out of the dryer. It's okay, I meant to do that.

I cut of the arms and cut out the neck and this is what I got - a vest!

I refolded it after turning it 90 degrees, so the two side seams are now on the center top and center bottom.

I cut off the waistband part and sewed up the bottom. I also boxed the corners just a little so the bag has an actual boxed bottom to it, not just a seam.

Here is Kelsey with our new bag. I wanted it to be little bigger, I guess I will have to find an XXL men's sweater next time! I did take it to Primary Children's Hospital yesterday. Kendal had a follow up appointment with her neurologist and the bag was awesome! A few Emmitt diapers and wipes, a bag of Goldfish crackers, a toy truck, my checkbook and all was well! I went to the thrift store again today and I found a gorgeous black ladies merino wool sweater. It may break my little merino wool heart to shrink it though!


mom said...

I cannot imagine doing anything like that,,,,truly amazing!

meliser said...

I am in love!

Spencer's Adventures said...

You are freaking amazing!

lynne said...

you just tramatised rodney he lives for wool clothes and you turned that nice sweater into a bag...

rod wants to know if it smells like downy or the wool you used to stomp in bags as a kid :P


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