Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My sweet little Kelsey turned 8 years old this past week. It breaks her poor mom's little heart! She is such a great little girl and she is growing up on me. We don't have friend birthday parties every year - only when they turn 4, 8, 12, and 16. So this year was a big one for her. First because she got to have a friend party, and second because she will be baptized soon. I started making her baptism outfit. I say outfit instead of dress because I have only made the 2 petticoats and bloomers. I am making her baptism dress from an 1860s pattern. It is going to be so darling! Plus, the fabric was some that my mother in law gave me that was her mom's fabric. That means Kelsey's baptism dress will be made out of her great grandmother's fabric. I love it.

For Kelsey's birthday, Emmitt and Kendal gave her a cool little fossil thing. It is a dinosaur fossil in plaster. I did have to explain to her that the fossil was not real or it would be in a museum, but she was okay with that.

She was so excited to get the fossil, just like I thought she would be. She took it for show and tell and the kids loved it too - even the boys!

She made a mess of my kitchen counter getting her little critter out, but she loved every minute of digging and scraping and brushing. She is my little rock hound archaeologist.

This fossil thingy cost me about $6.00. A great 6 dollars spent. I think I will head back to Kings and get a few more.

My Kelsey is a wonderful little girl. She is so smart and nice when she wants to be. That means she KNOWS when she should be nice, just she doesn't always act perfectly nice to her little sister! I guess that is how we all are I suppose. She is a wonderful daughter, a great sister, and a good friend to other kids. I love her so much. She has a big weekend ahead of her - she gets to compete at the girls state chess tournament. I hope she does well and has a good time!


TORI said...

I can't believe how fast she is growing up! She is so cute and such a sweet girl! Happy Birthday Kelsey!!!

LeEllen said...

She is a real-life-sweetheart, that's for certain!

mom said...

She is growing fast,,,,, seems like a couple of weeks ago, we went to Colorado to see her.
Enjoy the time with her,,,, when ya get old like me, you will wish you spent more time playing with them.

Cherlelynn Bednar said...

What a great present idea!


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