Thursday, February 25, 2010

sewing again

I have been sewing today and yesterday and it has been glorious! I have ALWAYS loved piecing quilts together and making fun fun quilt blocks, but lately, I have been MAKING myself do it. All I want to do is sew 1860s clothing! Seriously, that is all I want to sew. So, I told myself yesterday that I needed to work on my friendship blocks (due March 4th) before I could make petticoats. Here is a naked snowman for Heather that needs some eyes, a nose, a scarf, and something else. But hey, the snowman is finished!

Here is part of Santa's patchwork coat for Kandy. He is going to turn out so darling! But Santa had to be left alone because he is a multiple day project and I had pantaloons to make!

Now, on to the old stuff. This is the bottom hem of Kelsey's pantaloons/drawers. I think they turned out so darling! She likes them too. When she tried them on, Kendal asked me where her's were. So I hurried and make Kendal a pair today too! I need to make them both a couple more pairs.

I am making Kelsey's baptism dress from an 1860s pattern and I started the bodice today. I got one sleeve attached before I had to resign sewing for the afternoon and start the bread dough for dinner rolls. She tried it on when she got home from school and she says this is her favorite part so far - the pleats on the top of the sleeve.

I got the skirt cut out today so hopefully while the little darlings are sleeping I can get more finished tonight. I can't wait to start on Kendal's dress. I also decided last night that I am going to make them both a couple of chemises. They are going to be so darling in their chemise, then pantaloons, then 2 petticoats, then Civil War reproduction fabric dresses, and a pinafore. I can not wait! Summer reenacting here we come! Oh dang, I need to get something made for Emmitt!

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