Monday, March 01, 2010


I went to a GRAINS class last week and it was fabulous. My friend Lynette is quite the lady and she has become interested in all kinds of funky grains and how to cook with them. WOW! I can not begin to report what I learned, but I will report what I have done since the class!

I bought some red quinoa last week and put it in with our taco meat. Joe remembers the last time I loaded taco meat with something other than meat, but Matt loved this time around! Red quinoa can be used to add to meat, you can grind it up and put it in with your bread flour, you can put it in cookies, you can throw it in with a pasta dish, you can make a quinoa salad, etc etc. I tried all of the above the other night at Lynette's.

Lynette gave us a few recipes to try and I was going to make the red quinoa cookies on Saturday, but I looked at the recipe and it calls for 4 cubes of margarine or butter! HOLY SMOKES! I could not put that much butter into one recipe. I just could not bring myself to do it. So, I must figure out what would be great for the remainder of the pound of red quinoa I bought!

Lynette had a bunch of wheat mills/grinders at the class for us to try. We tried about 5 electric mills and 3 hand mills. I have heard horror stories about hand grinders, but I was pleasantly surprised - it was not THAT bad! I think I need to purchase myself a grinder/mill. The one I liked the best was WonderMill brand. If I get one, I can grind up red quinoa, white quinoa, buckwheat, kamut, spelt, amaranth, and whole host of other fun, healthy whole grains and make some delicious bread and cookies in no time at all. Get this - if your grind up popcorn you get the best looking cornmeal imaginable. My life has been forever altered!


Kate said...

I am super excited for life alteration! but Rachel you really need to come to terms with the butter. JUST COOK WITH IT!! because I am the professional and I say so!
Also if you look in your cabinet, you will probably see vegetable oil, Crisco(or some other shortening) Pam spray type stuff. Guess what! It is all chemically the same as margarine! It is made by taking vegetable oil and adding an extra hydrogen molecule so it is solid at room temperature. It also makes it nearly undigestable so your body just puts it on your butt and ignores it so just eat the butter. It is made by cows, not chemists, and it easier for you to digest because its natural.... and it tastes way better!

PS you can cook sorghum in a pan with a lid and a little oil, it makes mini popcorn!!

Rachel said...

Kate, thanks for the advise. You crack me up. I have come to terms (thanks to my dad) that marg is horrible, but one pound of butter!?!?!?! Have you seen the size of my hind end already? I surely don't need 4 cubes of butter on my sweet thighs! Now I fear I must make those cookies, just because you said so. I will try to leave some for the kids!

Jenn said...

So do you have recipes? I have a TON--okay only a 25 lb bag of quinoa that I need to use. Darryl was introduced to it, loved it and bought it to add to oatmeal. We really like it then I ate it while I was pregnant sick and I can't handle it in oatmeal anymore. I need recipes for sure!!!!


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