Monday, March 29, 2010


So I got the pruning and spiffing bug. This sweet little clump of sticks used to be a 6 foot tall honeysuckle shrub. I got it from my grandmother about 5 years ago. It was a volunteer in her yard that she didn't want. When I planted it here, it was about 8 inches tall and had two little stems. It has liked my yard and grown well but the past few years it has had a bad case of aphids around July. A really bad case. I wanted to get rid of it completely this spring, but I decided I would give it a haircut and see what happens this year. If I am unhappy with it, or I already killed it, I will get rid of that sweet thing and put some other shrub in that spot.

I wish I would have taken a before picture. Maybe I will take a July picture and let you know how the little guy fared. My goal this week is to clean up my yard - completely. I already have the back of Matt's truck about half full of yard debris - trees and shrubs I have pruned and gunk I have cleaned out of my perennial beds. I plan on taking a totally full truck to the dump at the end of this week. HOORAY! I am so ready for spring! See how much snow we have left? Isn't it wonderful?!?


thelarsenfamilyexpeditions said...

I heard from your next door neighbor Gwenn that when you moved there you dug all your ground inch by inch and made it what it is today. that is incredible. By the way the next theatrical show in heber will be 7 brides for 7 brothers in the bldg. that did Joseph and the amazing tech..They announced it at the show.

Tori said...

You should come spiff and prune at my house! Oh how I wish I had your green thumb!


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