Friday, March 05, 2010

Quilt guild friendship blocks

So last night was glorious quilt guild again. We were supposed to have Jill Finley from Jillily Studios ( ) come up and give us a great trunk show and tell us a ton of inspiring stories, but when she got to the mouth of Provo Canyon and read "CHAINS REQUIRED" she turned around and stayed home. I don't blame her. My sister Tori was going to come up to our guild meeting also, but her better judgment took over and she stayed home too.
Anyway, we still had a fabulous and inspiring night. I had 3 friendship blocks I needed to finish up to take last night and here they are:

Bethany's simple darling ShooFly block.

The monster Santa block I made for Kandy.
I think Ol' Saint Nick turned out darling!

I was supposed to make a snowman block for Heather, so I did but I also made him a little girlfriend too.
In return for the blocks I made for my friends, I received the 12 blocks that were made for me last night. The directions I gave the ladies asked them to make me a 12 inch star block using yellow fabric for the star and blue fabric for the background. I now have 12 darling and very different star blocks that need to be put together. I love the friendship block exchange!
Natalia does our guild blog now, check it out - it is darling.


Jenn said...

my e-mail address is:jennb_8 at yahoo dot com

CUTE santa!

Jenn said...

BTW can I just tell you how excited I am to get those recipes!! Thanks for sharing!


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