Wednesday, March 10, 2010

snow and kites

Yesterday when Kelsey got home from school she wanted to fly kites. There was a definite breeze going on and it was COLD! I told her it was too cold but she was adamant so I went along with it and figured she would realize it was too cold and come back in the house. WRONG! She talked Kendal into going out also and the two of them had a super time.

I had to hoist Kelsey up onto the roof once, rescue Kelsey's kite from the neighbor's tree, rescue Kendal's kite from the fence and the roof, but when a complete stranger stopped by to get Kendal's kite out of our Autumn Ash tree, I told the sweet girls it was time to go in the house. The fierce March wind had taken its toll - on the girls' cheeks and hands, and also on the poor CARS kite.
Here's to SPRING!

1 comment:

mom said...

Kids and kites, they really go together.
As for cold March,,,,,summer is coming,,,,,,, I say HIP HIP HOORAY FOR THE TIME CHANGE!!!
Life is good.


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