Friday, March 26, 2010

Emmitt and his cake

Emmitt turned one year old the other day and he got dirt for his birthday. Why do we spent money on expensive gifts when the sweet lad was perfectly happy with his dirt? It was a beautiful day and so I spent some more time digging up grass where I want to plant shrubs and flowers. Emmitt LOVED the dirt. He was so happy just sitting there and running his hands over the beautiful soil! It is wild to think that his 1st birthday was splendid t-shirt weather and the day he was born was freezing cold and snowing.

Emmitt got something besides dirt. He got a few trucks and loaders and also a Glo-Worm. My sister used to have a Glo-Worm when she was little and she LOVED it. When she had a little boy a few years ago, I gave him one. He LOVES it also and goes to sleep with it every night. So I was not surprised when Emmitt opened a gift from my mom and it was a Glo-Worm. He is very intrigued, but I must say my two girls are more in love with it than he is right now. Maybe it will grow on him!
After opening a few gifts, we let him eat his cake. We did this with the two girls and it is such a kick in the pants. I decorated his little cake with 2 chocolate Easter bunnies and once he had those morsels of goodness in each hand, he was just fine. He didn't want to have much to do with the cake. He was very content with his chocolate. I knew the boy took after me in some way!
After each bunny head was consumed, Matt was worried about a major tummy ache so I took them away. With much encouragement from his sisters, he decided to try the cake.

He ate a few little bites, but it was all about the feel and texture in his hands. I suppose the extreme laughter and squealing of delight from the two older ones helped quite a bit, so most of the cake ended up on the table and the floor.

Emmitt went promptly to the tub while I cleaned up. The girls then got a piece of perfectly square and unclenched cake. Then off to bed we all went. What a wonderful birthday for our Mister Emmitt.


Tori said...

Happy Birthday Emmitt!
Oh Glo-Worm....B still sleeps with his, but he now insists that glow worm be disemboweled. Yes, all of the inner working parts of glow worm has been ripped out, but he still sleeps with it all--just separate. Note: don't change the batteries of something in front of him!
Love the cake pictures! He is growing up too dang fast!

Jenny said...

Great pictures... he is so cute. I love the chuncks of cake all over and the girls smiles! I had a glow worm in college I would disembowel it so I had a flash light! Worked great! NOTE: remember they might throw it out of their crib and if you walk in you might step on it and set off the music... Surprise!

Krista said...

He's so cute! I can't believe he is one already! Looks like you spoiled him pretty good with all of that dirt. A childs dream!

Bob and Cherlelynn Bednar said...

I LOVE the pics! Especially the one with his foot in the cake--too cute!


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