Monday, March 22, 2010

the weekend

The Cranes had a super fun, busy weekend. Matt and Kendal left Friday morning to attend a funeral. Matt's great uncle Roy passed away. Matt and his siblings sure love Uncle Roy and Aunt Marilyn.

Friday I went to the library to get a movie for Kelsey and I to enjoy that night. I picked out seven movies and she chose Father of the Bride. It was a cute one and it cracked her up. She said to me a few times "Will Dad feel like this when I get married? I hope Kendal gets married first so she can break his heart and not me."

Kelsey, Emmitt, and I woke up Saturday morning at 6:00 and left our house at 7:00 for the Elementary State Chess Tournament. Matt and Kendal spent Friday night in Salina and went to a bull sale on Saturday, along with playing at the farm and getting work done with the cows. Kendal loved it and I loved that I didn't have to chase a 4 year old around the U of U during our chess day!

It was a long day. The folks that did the tournament this year must have been using a new pairing system because we had to wait at least an hour between each match for the new pairings to be posted for the next match. Everyone gets to play 6 matches and Kelsey did pretty good. She won 3 and lost 3. Not as great as we wanted, but she had great time. In between matches Kelsey would go outside and play in the trees, on the rocks, and all over the lawn. I am glad it was such a nice day!

Emmitt loved the stairs. I wouldn't let him crawl on the stairs indoors, but let him have at the ones outside. He was such a good boy. He only got a 1/2 hour nap and he was truly so great.

We took another student from our elementary school down to the tournament named Stuart. Kelsey knew who he was before Saturday and I know his mom, and they were so great together. They played paper airplanes, drew pictures, ran around outside, and played chess. I think she has a new great friend. Kelsey is going to be so embarrased when she sees this picture in 8 years, but she was so darling sitting with Stuart I could not resist.

There were 64 second graders at the tournament and Kelsey ended up at 26th place. If she would have won her last match she would have ended up at 9th place. Seems crazy, but that is how they score things and how they match up players. The other two matches she lost were great matches. One of the girls that beat her ended up at 3rd place and one of the boys that beat her ended up at 6th.

She still got a trophy, though not as big as she wanted. She did have a super day. A long day, but a fun one. We got home around 7:30 that night. 12 hours of chess is enough to make this mom tired!

Emmitt was a super trouper and I am so grateful it was so nice outside. We spent alot of time outside during the breaks.

Matt and Kendal got home Saturday night around 9:00. They had a super time too. Kendal got in the wind a little too much because Sunday morning she woke up to a bloody pillow and a bloody ear. I took her to the doctor Monday and her ear drum had ruptured. Poor thing. The kicker is that we kept asking her if her ear hurt and she kept telling us no. That girl and her major pain tolerance amazes me.


thelarsenfamilyexpeditions said...

wtg Kelsey, it was fun teaching her class sunday. She is such a joy and so is her family. Thanks for helping me make James shoes as well over that busy weekend. You make it so worth being here in Utah

mom said...

I can't get your pics to come up,,,, dang it,, hopefully tomorrow will be better,cause I really want to see the pics.


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