Thursday, March 18, 2010

spring spring spring Seven Brides style

Today I was walking down the DRY sidewalk in front of my house that was covered in snow just less than a week ago and I found myself whistling a nice little happy tune. I sometimes catch myself whistling, and I have to concentrate to decide what tune I caught myself with, and this time I caught myself with SPRING SPRING SPRING from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

I absolutely love this movie. I remember going to watch the high school perform this musical when I was in middle school and I loved it then. ( I had a small crush on Wayne High School's Kelly Peterson who played Gideon. I think he is 6 or 7 years older than me, but he was so cute and so nice -and I was only 11 years old!) My friend Jen and her boys were watching it a few years ago and got me hooked again. I borrowed her movie a few times and checked it out from the library a few times also. The girls love it, Kelsey especially. She sings the fun songs too and gets so silly when the 'romance' parts are playing. Matt even breaks into song when we watch this movie!

Anyway, it was a great little tune to be whistling and it made me happy. It is supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow, but spring is really here.
I could not find the original on youtube of Spring spring spring, but I found this recording by Micheal Feinstein. He does an amazing job. Check it out if you have time.


tori said...

honestly, I don't think I have ever seen it! how weird is that?

Jenn said...

how could anyone not love that show! Did you hear/see the community theatre is doing that one in Oct/Nov. Auditions are in Aug-- you ought to do it! :)

LeEllen said...

Years ago while watching the movie on TV, my mom told me that her first date with my dad was to see the movie, "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers." So, when I found it at a video store a couple of years ago, I just had to buy it and give it to them for Christmas. It's a fun movie....wish they made them like that now!


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