Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ruching and flitting

Why can't I finish a project? I never thought I was a flaky or flitty person, but lately I can not seem to concentrate on just one thing. I have an amazing Civil War dress for myself in 2 pieces, the bodice and the skirt. Can I put the two together? NOPE. Kelsey's baptism dress lacks the buttons (button holes are finished) and a hem. Can I finish it? NOPE - something else catches my eye and off I flit! I sign up for the Round Robin group at quilt guild. I have 6 round robins that are completed tops but not quilted yet, do I care? NOPE - I sign up again. I have a half a dozen flower beds that need attention. Do I give it to them? NOPE - I dig up grass all day today and yesterday to make a new flower bed. I am driving myself crazy!

But, I do have something finished. It took me a few peaceful hours Sunday afternoon and a couple of hours late last night while waiting for Matt to complete a C-section, but I did it. I finished a civil war era dress for Kelsey. It was meant for Kendal, but it is much to big, so Kelsey gets it.

Sunday afternoon I had Matt turn a tube of fabric that is 270 inches right side out to make a ruched (pronounced rooshed) frilly on the bottom hem of the dress. I then did a long diagonal running stitch and gathered that 270 inches to fit the 80 inch bottom hem of the skirt.

Here is the bottom hem and ruching. I think it turned out so pretty.

Here is Kelsey in her new FINISHED dress. She loves it. She wanted to wear it to school today and it made my heart melt. She is loving the whole old fashioned thing and she hasn't even been to an event yet! The top picture is taken with 2 petticoats and it looks so pretty. The problem is that the petticoats don't stay at her natural waist and hang way too low. I thought we could get away with out a stay (a type of tank top thingy that you can button petticoats to) but I suppose I need to make one each for the girls. The bottom picture is of the back of the dress and is taken without petticoats because they kept falling 3 inches below the skirt! But I had to show the cute waistband I made that makes such a lovely bow.

So, since I am being so flitty - should I start Kendal's dress again but 2 sizes smaller this time, or begin with the stays? Maybe I will flit outside and finish my digging up grass mess, oh, but wait, I have a quilt block to make to start my round robin project. And then there is always the other 18 unfinished quilting projects in my closet. Oh, and I need MY dress done soon too. And Emmitt's? What will the poor boy wear? I think I need to go to bed. I forgot how much the sunshine wears me out, but I LOVE it!


mom said...

That ruching looks cool, I have saw that before, but didn't know what it was called.
And the dress Kelsey has on, is darling,,,very, very cute,,,Good job!
And all your projects make me tired, wow!

Spencer's Adventures said...

Wow Rachel. I was about to say that you must me normal now - you know...not finishing things. But then I saw that gorgeouse dress and you are back up to amazing again. I don't know how you do it.

your flitting sister said...

I love that you are flitting-- I flit too, just in way different areas than you.
Kelseys dress is so darling. When us non-sewing folks see clothes, we don't realize the work that goes into the details.

Krista said...

So, so cute! You are amazingly talented Rachel!

Donna said...

I am reading through your blog, and enjoying every post. I flit around projects also, but friends tell me I still get much more done than they do. Creative minds don't focus well, I guess. Your 3 eldest children remind me of my sister and I and brother. Kendall reminds me, of me!


Rachel said...

thanks Donna!!


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