Thursday, April 01, 2010

OCD or just orderly?

Well, we all lived through the coloring of eggs this year. We colored our eggs last night and the carpet got the worst of it. We have a nice green spot right under the bar where Kendal usually sits. Oh well I have to tell myself, Stanley Steamer will hopefully take care of that one here in a month or two!

Yesterday I was talking to a sweet older lady in the neighborhood and I told her we were headed home to color eggs. She got a shocked look on her face and said "Do you think they will still be good by Sunday?" I then nonchalantly told her that we were not planning on eating them, we were going to roll them for awhile and then throw them at each other and have a grand ol' egg fight. When she picked her shocked jaw off of the front porch she smiled and wished me a Happy Easter. I am pretty sure she thinks I am crazy.

You see, as I travel about this big old world I have begun to realize that not everyone grew up rolling colored Easter eggs down clay hills. I thought my childhood was very normal, I was wrong. There are a few select central Utah areas where 'rolling eggs' for Easter is just what you do. I grew up in one of these select areas and I love the tradition. It is a great tradition that usually does end up in some sort of egg fight.

When Matt and I lived in Oregon we rolled eggs for Easter. We went to a public foresty place and tried to roll eggs. There was so much lush green foliage, the eggs could not roll! They got caught up in the ferns and such every 4 inches! It was VERY much different from our south-central Utah clay hills where eggs can roll for hundreds of feet undisturbed by non existent green foliage, until that sweet little Easter egg has rolled itself out of its shell and egg white until all there is rolling is just a dirt covered yolk. I love UTAH!

I read in a magazine how you can use a whisk to hold your eggs for coloring. We tried it out - it worked great. The girls could hold their eggs and swish and swash without losing them. The only trouble is that a long whisk handle is a little unbalanced and unsteady when left alone and propped on the side of the cup of color. Hence, the new green carpet in our home.

Okay, from left to right - Kelsey's eggs, Emmitt's eggs, and Kendal's eggs. Kendal got to color all of Emmitt's because Kelsey was too busy making sure her eggs were the perfect hue and perfectly and evenly colored. Kendal's eggs are lucky to even be noticably colored because as soon as the eggs were in, she wanted them out and another egg put in the whisk. Kelsey was all about solid quality and Kendal was all about MASS quantity. Notice how Kelsey, my little OCD girl put her eggs in her carton. Well, first of all I have to say that she made sure she had 2 of each color. Then she put her eggs in so the two colors were opposite of eachother, all but the end eggs. They are opposite on the diagonal because they are placed according to size. She somehow got two big fat eggs and so she put the two fatties together and they happened to be different colors. Apparently size trumps color in her mind as to how they should be organized. Kendal's carton - lets just say we are glad none of the eggs were broken as they were being laid to rest in their carton bedazzled in stickers.

I cannot give Kelsey too hard of a time about her eggs, actually I didn't say anything at all to her about her organization thereof because I would have done it the same way. Her Grandma would have too.


TORI said...

Oh, the rolling of Easter eggs! I choose not to try to explain it to people anymore--they think I am nuts! I wasn't going to color eggs with B this year, because I think I would have more than green on my carpet, but I have changed my mind. We ARE coloring eggs, and we ARE rolling them, NOT eating them. I have a hard time eating a colored egg......

Oh sweet Kelsey, she has been touched, ummm doused... by the OCD genetics. I feel for her, but yet understand her. I have baffled my hubby lately with my own OCD issues. Thanks Mom!!

mom said...

As i was reading your story,, a BIG smile appeared on my face, and inside I was thinking "YOU GO KELSEY, YOU ROCK"
Glad ya got the job done, I always hated that time of year,,, It was just always so messy,,, and yes,the rolling of Easter eggs is a central Utah thing,,,,, oh well,,,the rest of em don't know what they are missing.

Diantha said...

Here in Lincoln, we head to the sledding ramp at the local park to find a hill to roll our eggs down. We do get some strange looks from people walking by.

Kate said...

uh...I never rolled any eggs till I went with Dustin's family in Torrey. You Wayne County types are odd....but rolling eggs is way fun, especially once a fight breaks out!

There were no eggs at my easter this year, but there was a lobster, so that was okay.


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