Wednesday, April 21, 2010

more Capitol Reef Ntnl Park

More Capitol Reef National Park pictures.

We looked at petroglyphs made about 1000 years ago. Kelsey thought she was going to interpret for us - she must think she speaks Anasazi.

Emmitt played in the dirt and loved every orange/red dirt second of it.

Kelsey is a little rock hound so she found cool rocks and washed them all off. She even found a box to put them in for the ride home.

Kendal wanted to climb trees after she fed her blossoms to the horses.

We hiked a bit.

There is a little old house called The Gifford House that is at The Park and it was once lived in by the Gifford family. My great grandparents also had a house down there, but it was torn down and now the area where the house was is called CHESNUT PICNIC AREA.
Anyway, we went in The Gifford House and looked at the rooms they have set up in old pioneer fashion. As we were wandering, I saw this picture hanging on the wall. I said "Mom, isn't that your Grandma Dicey?" She said she thought so and so I took the picture off the wall and took her picture with it. There were a few tourists looking at us like we were going to steal something, but I made my mom pose for this picture.
The lady that was working at The Gifford House told us the lady in the picture was Annie Jorgensen. She and Dicey Chesnut and Nell Gifford were sisters. My mom said they look so much alike. She really thought it was her grandma.

We had such a super time visiting Capitol Reef. I have so many fun family memories there, grade school field trip memories, high school date memories, and I even got to take the youth of our ward down there a few years ago and made some good memories then. My friend Jen has been down there with us too making memories. What a great place.


Michael and Cassie said...

oh how i loved that trip down there with the ward! i was actually talking about it the other day! so fun! thanks for bringing back some good memories!

Jenny said...

It is time to go visit again... I have never see the petroglyphs. I love the feeling of family, history, and the "HOME." What a great "home" you have. Love ya Rachel


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