Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter at the Ranch

We had a splendid Easter. We headed south to Matt's parents' house on Saturday morning and stayed until Sunday afternoon. It was truly fabulous. We listened to quite a bit of General Conference and the overall message I got was Love and nourish your family for they are forever, and Jesus is the Christ and without him we would be lost. That was my take anyway. It was very appropriate for Easter - Jesus was resurrected and because of the Great Plan of Happiness, we will be also.

Emmitt was a real trouper at the ranch. It was a little chilly to begin with on Saturday morning, but it warmed up nicely in the afternoon with everyone running around. Emmitt took his first 4 wheeler ride with his uncle Mark and was a little concerned, but not petrified!

Yes, this is me. I wore Mindy's rabbit hat to keep me warm. I have always wanted one, and this was the clincher - I NEED one! They look ridiculous, but they are so toasty!

Most of the Crane kids. They ran around and had a splendid time together. That is one of my favorite parts of Easter and always has been - playing with cousins.

My Kelsey, sweet Kelsey.

Matt and his lucky wife.

This is Kendal running mock-chicken speed for the Easter Egg hunt. She was running so fast I wasn't sure her legs could keep up and I was afraid she was going to crash hard. She didn't and she was a very successful egg hunter.

Lisa, Mike, Emiko, and Mark discussing the shed Kelsey found while the kids find the hidden eggs. It is now in my living room. She is so proud. Actually, her dad is more proud.

Kelsey, Lainee, and Aly

Lainee, Kendal, and Adri getting ready to roll their eggs.

Matt supervised the egg rolling with the younger ones.

Mace, Larry, Amanda and baby Izzy, and Lisa

The older kids had to climb clear up here to roll their eggs. Actually, it turned into an egg fight, but we knew that was coming!

Emiko and Ayden helped Emmitt roll his eggs. It was so cute, Ayden would hand them to Emmitt as fast as he could throw them. Ayden and I would then gather them up and do it all over again.

Mace, Mike, and Mindy got a nice game of baseball going with the kids. They loved it.

Me, Matt, Emmitt, and Kendal going for a little ride. Just prior to this picture I fell off the 4 wheeler, but very gracefully. It was not moving, don't be alarmed. Not sure how it happened, but I think it has something to do with that mother instinct to protect children at all costs (so he wouldn't fall off), or I am just getting really old!

Sunday afternoon we headed back up to the ranch and roamed around for awhile, just taking it all in. We love the ranch and hope to spend some great times there this summer.

Talbot cousins, Kelsey, and Kendal

Me and my little man.


ourhaskellfamily said...

Looks so fun!!! I am jealous, we just stayed home out of the snow.

acrane said...

what a fun time we had the girls cant wait for another exciting crane cousin weekend!

Tori said...

Looks like tons of fun!

I love the hat! You should get one--maybe for Mothers Day.

Krista said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I also love your hat! It looks great on you!

Krista said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mom said...

The hat actually did look yummy warm,,,,, and it looks like alot of fun,,,,, dang the cold anyway!
Easter could be the middle of July and it still would be cold,seems thats just the way it works.


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