Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Break

The girls have been out of school this week for Spring Break. Monday we slept in and were very lazy. I had great yard work plans, but the weather made me clean the inside of the house! On Tuesdays Matt is home so we played with Dad and had another lazy day. We went swimming in the evening and then out for pizza. It was a great treat!

Today I took the kids to Orem for pictures. I have been wanting to get some done for long time and with the girls out of school it was the perfect time. They did pretty well. Kendal has a hard time looking at the camera and Emmitt just wanted to play blocks in the sitting area! Here are a few of the undoctored ones. Of course, they make them look nice and pretty. These are just some of the images on the CD I payed too much for. I am a sucker - I can't say no!

When we got home from Orem it was already 2:00 and the afternoon was spent flying kites, digging up grass, raking out flower beds, napping (Emmitt), climbing the neighbors' trees, hunting for bugs, playing chalk hopscotch on the driveway, and preparing dinner. The weather was fabulous and it was great to be outside. It gave me spring fever in a BIG BIG way. It snowed yesterday, so it was nice to have some sun and warmth.

We are going to go visit my parents for a few days and soak up some more sun for Spring Break. I think it is kinda silly to have an entire week out of school, but we will enjoy it!


TORI said...

Oh my goodness you have the cutest kids ever!

I am excited to come play over the weekend!

Sarah said...

Adorable pictures! Spring break is way over-rated once you get out of school! Hannah had 10, yes I said 10!!! days off of school this year for spring break! I spent more on a sitter than I would have spent taking her someplace fun, dang work schedules!
I am glad you had a great time, and I can't wait to see more pictures! Love ya!

Spencer's Adventures said...

Cute picture! They really turned out nice. Hope you guys are enjoying the rest of spring break.

Jenny said...

Cute pictures, I love those kiddo's. No sewing during spring break???? I figured Kelsey would be onto her next project! :)

thelarsenfamilyexpeditions said...

Very good pictures, Love all 3, glad to have had privelage to teach Kelsey for the past couple sundays.I see her mom so much in her sweet spirit.


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