Tuesday, October 19, 2010

i wanted cdvs

Last week was super busy for us. My dad came up for three days and helped with the basement project. He did so much work! He said to my mom, very jokingly of course, "Rachel is working me like a borrowed mule." I sure appreciate all that he did. The final inspection is today! I have some trim to paint and a few things to touch up, then carpet, then move it! I will be posting picture of that soon! I am so excited I can hardly stand it.

Last week I also made an appointment to have the kids pictures taken, 1860s style. When I made the appointment I told them what I wanted - images that looked like they were taken in the 1860s. No smiling (they were not angry in 1862, but it took a while to take the picture so it was easier to just have a relaxed face), simple backdrop (wooden chair or bench with plain background), a few period correct props we brought to show my kid's personalities, no trendy poses, just straight on like in 1860. They didn't get me - at all.

Here are a few of them. They are cute, just not what I had in mind. I wanted it to look like an 1860 cdv of my kids. Next time I am going to have my sister Tori do it, she gets me.

I got most of the actual pictures processed in sepia. They look cute, but not what I had expected. I still bought some though because they are my kids, and they did turn out cute. These are just a few from the cd that comes with the pictures.

The reason I had to get pictures done asap, is because my kids are outgrowing their clothing I made for them! Kelsey and Kendal got two dresses each this spring and now each girl only has one that fits, and Kendal's can barely button up in the back! Emmitt's gowns used to almost hit his boots, now they are just below the knee! My sweet ones are growing up!

It was an okay experience that last WAY too long, but next time Tori the Talented will take care of us!

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Tori said...

No they did NOT get you!
My word!
Yeah, we need to try again.

I will get off my soapbox now.

Congrats on the basement. I think dad needs to retire so he can just help us! I think between Glen and us, we could keep him pretty busy!


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