Friday, October 08, 2010

Underground Railroad

QUILTFEST is currently going on in my little valley. The state of Utah has a statewide quilt guild and every October they have a HUGE annual event - QUILTFEST. This year it happens to be in Midway. I helped set up the quilt show on Tuesday and there are gorgeous quilts! I forgot my camera of course, I think that means I need to go back today! Anyway, there are hundreds of quilting classes offered at QUILTFEST and last night Amanda and I attended a class on the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad was a network of safe houses leading from the south to the north that 100,000 slaves used to run away to the north. Supposedly, quilts had something to do with it all and quilting ladies are making millions selling quilting patterns about the underground railroad. We went last night to learn all about it.

Amanda and I dressed up in our civil war era clothing to go to our class last night. The ladies loved us. When they would ask what we were doing we would reply something like this "We are headed to the underground railroad class of course. My dear cousin Amanda from the south here keeps loosing her help and I told her those fancy coded quilt blocks were the reason. So she came to find out how her slaves are escaping, I and came to find out what quilt blocks to make in what colors so I can make some freedom quilts and help all those poor slaves!" The ladies thought we were hilarious. We had a great time. We ran into ladies we knew and we also made new friends.

After I got home from our silly, fun night, I took out my fancy bun Amanda fixed so beautifully for me. This is what I would look like if I could stay away from a pair of scissors! Rachel with long hair, will it ever happen? I doubt it!


Jenn said...

So two seconds ago I finished reading this book, Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt, to my boys before nap time. Clint picked it out at the library. The whole time I read it I thought of you. Maybe because Miss Rachel teaches the little girl to sew and the little girl sews a quilt that is secretly a map of how to get to the Underground Railroad. CRAZY coincidences. I'd never heard anything about the quilts tieing in with that and now 2 times in 5 min!

mom said...

Sounds like a fun time,,,, and you and Amanda looked so good in your fancy dresses and hats,,,love the hats!!


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