Thursday, October 21, 2010

under attack

Yesterday Kendal and I were in a building that had some construction going on. There was a little boy there about the same age (5) playing around. As we were leaving, the little boy grabbed a piece of scrap lumber that magically turned into a gun. He ran up and shot us on the way out of the building. My sweet little Kendal didn't even miss a beat - when she heard the little boy firing his magic gun at us, she turned around and sprayed him with her Spiderman spiderwebs. It completely took the little boy off guard to be under attack so swiftly. She let him have it all the way out of the building -she walked backwards and sprayed spiderwebs the whole way out. I love her.

Since we are posting hand pictures, here is Matt's a few days ago. He routered his index finger while making a pinewood derby car with Kelsey. Ouch! It actually looks pretty good here, the flaps of skins all back where they need to be and a few days of healing!

Kelsey was practicing her violin last night and I must admit, after 4 lessons she is sounding pretty good! Twinkle Twinkle Little Star only has a few pauses for finger changes! Anyway, when she was finished practicing she was fooling around. Maybe she wants to play the 'dog house bass' like Brian of The Bar J Wranglers!


ToRi and cReW said...

Oh Kendal cracks me up! So glad she has cat-like reflexes to spray spiderwebs and save the day!

Poor Matt! Are those hands insured? They should be!

Kelsey is awesome! I am glad the lessons are coming along.

Thanks for bringing up Brian--yummy!

Krista said...

Kendal is awesome!

mom said...

Damn, Matts fingers made my belly do summersaults,,,,I bet that hurt bad.
Yyayayayay for Kendal and her spider webs,,,,, and Yayayay for Kelsey with the violin.


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